I encourage everyone to seek the guidance of these amazing Teachers.  Their Love & commitment has impacted me forever.

Thank You, God! 

My Yoga Teachers

Another Teacher who I HIGHLY recommend is Raj.  His teachings are based on A Course in Miracles, and he is absolutely consistent in bringing us to the awareness that we are already in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, either seeing it clearly or through a glass darkly.  Check out this website: https://nwffacim.wordpress.com                 or this one with many of his podcasts: http://www.pamelaparnell.com

Doug Geiger & Linda Setter are such awesome teachers who've helped me discover that happiness IS attainable if one truly desires it.  I am SO, SO grateful to these exceptional Souls for guiding me on a peaceful path. They are truly testament to "When the student is ready, the teacher(s) appear!" 

  Linda Setter     Doug Geiger

Ganga White and Tracey Rich are two extraordinary teachers who I was priviledged to train under at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA in 2012. Through this transforming 16 days of instruction, wisdom, humour and their gentle approach, I eagerly absorbed every moment with them and continue to aspire to their Practice!  





Erich Schiffmann is an extremely remarkable teacher & role model.  In July 2015, I attended his lovely week-long retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch near Helena, Montana.  Erich's genuineness is so heart-opening and his teaching vitally important: Yoga is a lifestyle of Self-trust and Supreme BEING!!!  Happiness is our Nature!

Erich Schiffmann

Tracey Rich          Ganga White