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Music for the Soul!

My partner Ron and I are passionate about music, healing and happiness and we're inspired to extend our love to you through song!  We play original songs, hymns and beautiful cover tunes that are sure to 'strike a chord!' :-)

Ron’s expert guitar playing along with my uplifting vocals take us on a journey from the head to the Heart where we bask in the remembrance of Home with a capital H - the Truth of Who We Are!

Check out some of our original songs on Soundcloud:


Gifts of appreciation are gladly accepted if you feel you’ve been blessed by our sharing! Please see 'Gift!' page for suggested amounts.


We truly look forward to joining with you and trust you'll be left basking in a quiet state of gratitude!  

~ Peace & Love ~ 

    Ron & Dana

Dana and Ron at Luthercare.jpeg

To book, please call/text 306-652-5552 or send an email to

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