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Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation & Music for the Soul:  


If you would like to host a Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation class

or a Music for the Soul concert, please don't hesitate to get in touch!​ :-)

Classes          Suggested Gift                  

30 minutes    $30.00                                  

45 minutes    $45.00

1 hour            $60.00                                 

Concerts         Suggested Gift

30 minutes     $60.00

45 minutes     $90.00 

1  hour           $120.00

Please sign the Registration/Waiver form (below)

prior to yoga classes only.  Cheques can be made payable to:


Dana Harvie

2615 Dufferin Avenue

Saskatoon, SK  S7J 1C7



Note:   No one is ever turned away because of money.  Let us know if our Suggested Gift amount is an issue and we will definitely work something out! :-)

                 (ie. 'Pay' what you can or 'Pay' it Forward! :-))  It's really about re-membering our TRUE WORTH as a Child of God - and That IS priceless!!!


JAYA Energy Healing:


Experience a one-on-one unique session where you're guaranteed to remember your beautiful, holy Self!

A session can last up to 30 minutes long and is offered freely, however, Gifts are gladly accepted.

*Note: No one is ever turned away because of the inability to 'pay.'  The TRUE Gift lies in the giving! :-)


Call or text (306) 652-5552 or email to book your healing session! 




Life is only now.
It can never be yesterday 
or tomorrow.
These are only concepts.
One of the worst things 
is to miss the recognition 
of your own good fortune.
You are life itself
and the one witnessing it.
~ Mooji ~

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