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 About JAYA Yoga & Energy Healing

JAYA Yoga/Chair Yoga classes are about exploring and appreciating your body for what it can (and can't!) do.  The emphasis is on feeling great and having fun - all the while being gentle with yourself.  
Regular yoga practice will help you feel better both physically and mentally. You'll feel stronger, healthier, more vibrant, with increased agility, balance and grace.  And you’ll be calmer, more confident and centered, no matter what your day may bring.
My classes bring restoration and healing; they're ideal for beginners and those with limited mobility as well as for the more experienced practitioner. You'll leave feeling wonderful inside and out! 
Simply listen to what your body is telling you in every moment and honour it.  The focus is on gentle movement and stretching that just feels good.  Over time, your body begins to open up slowly and 
naturally on its own, without you having to force anything. Thoughts become less rigid and there's more freedom, relaxation, fluidity and joy in all aspects of your life.


JAYA Energy Healing provides a wonderful relaxation experience that supports the mind and body's natural ability to heal. In letting go of thinking and simply basking in the awareness of what is Real, Love flows and healing is the result.  Remember, we ARE TRULY Love's Presence eternally.  Let's let go of any/all blocks to the awareness of this truth and be open to a new perception!

I see You and I love You!  

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