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Welcome to JAYA Yoga, Music & Energy Healing!

Welcome to a wonderful space where Who You TRULY Are is honoured and celebrated!  Jaya, a Sanskrit word meaning 'victorious,' describes our eternal divinity beneath/beyond the costume that's being assumed.  Love (Light) now and forever reigns victorious and there is no better time to wake up to or strengthen this Fact!!!  At JAYA Yoga & Energy Healing, let yourself be moved and feel the freedom and release it brings!!!   


Align yourself with your Nature; Victorious - Just As You Are!!!

JAYA Energy Healing

Experience a relaxing one-on-one session together (or by phone) where we connect with what's Real - our eternal, holy Self!  

All sessions are up to 30 minutes long and are offered freely, however, any Gift of appreciation won't be turned away! :-)  

Or pay it forward in whatever way feels wonderful to you!  Watch what Love can do! :-)

Coming Soon!

I am recording some guided audio meditations and yoga practices that will soon be posted to Youtube! 

Please take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to relax, drop down out of the small self identity, and join in a beautiful Heart space - a peaceful, loving, open state of mind where healing cannot BUT occur! :-)


Your body is the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality. It doesn't matter what shape your body is in at all to benefit from these practices. What matters is that you regularly connect with it and practice being intentionally loving and kind towards it/yourSelf.  Give permission for healing to happen, and trust that it's a done deal. That's it! :-)  

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to share your healing experiences! 

*Note:  If you find these sharings to be beneficial, please consider a donation to help me continue offering them.   


To book a one-on-one healing session or yoga/chair yoga session, or a music gig, or for more information, please leave me a message via phone/text/email:

(306) 652-5552

2615 Dufferin Avenue

Saskatoon, SK  S7J 1C7


"You already are the peace you are looking for. Be still and know that." - Mooji

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